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Egghead.io PRO Course Pack (2018) [3.82 GB]

This package will be updated regularly, please tell me if I missed anything new that came out in 2018. Currently it contains the following courses:

Scalable Offline-Ready GraphQL Applications with AWS AppSync & React
Develop a Serverless Backend using Node.js on AWS Lambda

GraphQL Data in React with Apollo Client
Modern JavaScript Tooling with React
Simplify React Apps with React Hooks
React Context for State Management
Reusable State and Effects with React Hooks
Progressive Web Apps in React with create-react-app

Redux and the State ADT

Practical Advanced TypeScript

Algorithms in JavaScript
Data Structures and Algorithms in JavaScript
JavaScript Promises in Depth
Professor Frisby Introduces Composable Functional JavaScript

Build a Neo4J & GraphQL API
Build a GraphQL Server

Convert SCSS (Sass) to CSS-in-JS
CSS Selectors in Depth

Fully Connected Neural Networks with Keras


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  1. Directly copying stuff from snahp forum (word to word, even the link), calling it your own, and then asking to give *you* credit. Cool stuff bro.

  2. And Copy and Paste is prohibited on your website. The irony is painfully obvious.