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Pluralsight-Introduction to HTML for Designers


1. Introduction.mp4
2. Understanding website folder structure and setting up our project.mp4
3. Adding some content; headings, paragraphs and images.mp4
4. Creating captions for images with the fig and figcaption tags.mp4
6. Creating a different type of list; ordered lists with the ol and li tags.mp4
5. Creating unordered lists with the ul and li tags.mp4
7. Organizing information with a table.mp4
8. Creating a form.mp4
9. Choosing appropriate types for form input fields.mp4
10. Creating input fields for dates and adding buttons.mp4
11. Introducing phrase elements; add additional semantic meaning to text.mp4
12. Adding special characters and symbols with character entities.mp4
13. HTML as an outline.mp4
13. Making our web page into a web site.mp4
14. What is HTML5.mp4
14. Using HTML References.mp4
15. Validation and cross browser compatibility.mp4

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