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Web Hacking Become a Professional Web Pentester


Lesson 1. Introduction
Lesson 2. Disclaimer
Lesson 3. Methodology
Lesson 4. In this section
Lesson 5. Setting up the target
Lesson 6. Setting up Kali
Lesson 7. Setting up the Burp Suite
Lesson 8. In this section
Lesson 9. How HTTP works
Lesson 10. Static HTML
Lesson 11. PHP and friends
Lesson 12. Modern MVC frameworks
Lesson 13. Javascript
Lesson 14. Manual discovery
Lesson 15. Automated discovery
Lesson 16. Session management intro
Lesson 17. Session fixation
Lesson 18. Weak logout
Lesson 19. Same origin policy
Lesson 20. CSRF
Lesson 21. Securing the session
Lesson 22. SSLTLS
Lesson 23. Authentication bypass
Lesson 24. Unauthenticated URL access
Lesson 25. Password quality
Lesson 26. Password brute force
Lesson 27. Default accounts
Lesson 28. Weak password recovery
Lesson 29. Mitigations
Lesson 30. Authorization Intro
Lesson 31. Manipulating variables
Lesson 32. Client side authentication
Lesson 33. Mitigations
Lesson 34. Reflected XSS
Lesson 35. Stored XSS
Lesson 36. HTTP header injection
Lesson 37. Malicious URL redirection
Lesson 38. Exploiting wrong content-type
Lesson 39. Mitigations
Lesson 40. Malicious file upload
Lesson 41. LFI and RFI
Lesson 42. OS command injection
Lesson 43. SQL injection
Lesson 44. UNION Select Attack
Lesson 45. Blind SQL injection
Lesson 46. Automating SQLi testing
Lesson 47. Mitigations
Lesson 48. Reporting
Lesson 49. Checklist
Lesson 50. What's next


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